America's First Vote on Abortion


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In the middle of America, there's an open battlefront in the abortion wars.

In 2006, the South Dakota Legislature voted to ban abortion with an eye towards overturning the historic U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade.

Grassroots campaigns sprang up from the prairies to the Badlands to the Black Hills to put House Bill 1215 on the 2006 ballot in hopes of overturning the law. Others marched to defend the bill.

After a bitter campaign and raucous street protests, the small state's voters defeated the abortion ban.

The story is not over. Another abortion ban is on the 2008 ballot, this time with the rape and incest exceptions that were key to the ban's defeat in 2006.

In UNPLANNED DEMOCRACY: AMERICA'S FIRST VOTE ON ABORTION, a South Dakota journalist examines the events that led up to the 2006 abortion ban, shows you who made it happen and chronicles how voters sidetracked a bill intended for the U.S. Supreme Court.

South Dakota, with a population under 1 million, is positioned to be the flashpoint for the next national battle over abortion rights. To prepare for what's coming next, you need to understand what happened in South Dakota in 2006. UNPLANNED DEMOCRACY tells that story.


South Dakota Film Festival - 2008

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